Landscape Plant Pot: Large Bowl

Landscape Plant Pot: Large Bowl


Beautiful handmade ceramic Landscape planter with a clever underpot for properly hydrated plants. Inspired by nature, the landscape glazed pattern has been achieved by randomly dipping different color glazes. Because no dipped pattern is identical to another each piece is unique. The outside top and bottom has been left unglazed for a natural look and the inside is glazed in clear. For your growing plants, our large Landscape handmade plant pots are natural addition to an indoor garden arrangements.

Materials: Hand thrown stoneware, earth tone glazes

Plant Pot: 6 1/2" x 4 1/2""h (bot as high as regular large)
Underpot: 1" - 2"h

Plant pot: Glazed Landscape design on unglazed white clay
Underpot: brown glaze inside and outside

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